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The Original Industrial-Grade IR Window

Industrial-grade VPFR Series (Viewing Pane Fixed Reinforced) infrared (IR) windows enable thermographers to survey critical electrical applications efficiently and safer than ever.

NFPA standards recommend IR inspection under fully energized conditions. However, PPE requirements, panel cover removal and reinstallation are time consuming and costly. Use of the VPFR Series IR windows nearly eliminates the risks associated with IR electrical inspection by providing companies with a non-invasive, closed-panel inspection methodology.

Thermographers using IR windows are never exposed to energized conductors or circuit parts and are not engaged in risk increasing behaviors. Therefore, elevated levels of PPE for invasive surveys are not required, minimizing survey time while maximizing safety. The VPFR Series is also available with an Easy-Grip™ stainless steel cover as the VPFR-M Series

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