The original industrial-grade IR window optic eliminates the risks associated with IR electrical inspection by providing a non-invasive, closed-panel inspection methodology.
Housing made of switch-gear grade plastics; insulated to 30kV/mm, non-conductive and UL 94 compliant. IRISS IR windows are available with an Easy-Grip stainless steel cover. This lockable cover maintains IP65/NEMA 4 seal when closed. Easy-Grip covers also allows for private labeling. Original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket customers, and private contractors can display their company logo and contact information.
IRISS unconditionally guarantees against transmission loss ensuring accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Crystal windows are compatible with all IR cameras and UV transmission compatible with all corona cameras. IRISS polyer optics do not degrade when exposed to acids, alkalis, UV, moisture, humidity, vibration, and high frequency noise - a guarantee no crystal IR window can provide. IRISS manufacturers and assembles all products at their global headquarters located in Bradenton, Florida.