Can IR Windows Carry an Arc Rating?

Electrical switchgear comes in infinite shapes and sizes and as such the surface areas and volumetric elements of the cabinets are different.

NFPA 70B Tip

It has long been known that "dependability can be engineered and built into equipment, but effective maintenance is required to keep it dependable"...

Infrared Window Installation Hints and Tips

Once the infrared windows are installed, we will use infrared inspections to inspect the switchgear and the results...

Infrared Window Material Choices Comparison

Manufacturers have used Infrared (IR) windows in motor control centers (MCC) and electric switchgear for over two decades...

How to Choose the Right Type of IR Window for Your Application

The materials available for infrared window optics are diverse and have a wide variety of transmission rates and mechanical strengths...

Preparing for Infrared Window Installation Hints and Tips

It is important to take the opportunity of standardizing the emissivity of the components within the switchgear that you wish to inspect though...

Know Your Spatial Resolution

Spatial Resolution is also known as the Instantaneous Field of View (IFOV) or Spot Size. The limitations of the spatial resolution are due to the size and expense of the focal plan array (FPA).

How to Calculate the SAFE Minimum Thickness of a Viewing Pane Crystal

Fragility increases proportionally to the ratio of the diameter to thickness. If thickness stays the same as the diameter increases, so does the fragility factor.

A Practical Field of View Test

Every infrared camera defines its Field of View (FOV) across a horizontal/vertical axis. You have two ways to determine the Field of View (FOV) on your camera...

Transmission Measurements & Selective Radiance

Infrared (IR)thermography has never been a simple thing. Emissivity, reflections, and transmission rates for IR windows can cause confusion and frustration without the proper...

What Can I See Through an Infrared Viewing Pane?

An infrared window allows you to inspect live energized components and connections inside of an electrical cabinet without having to remove covers to do so.

IR Windows Helps Eliminate Risks Associated with Live Inspections

The first rule in any health and safety situation is the elimination of risk and heavy Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) should always be the last resort.

Don't Forget the Walk Around

Believe it: Visual inspection of plant equipment is one of the most useful tools available. A good set of eyes and the ability to see subtle changes in equipment is invaluable.