Coming Soon: IRISS Smartphone Application

Intended to help you get the most from IRISS IR Windows, our smartphone app allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to:

  • Calculate Field Of View (FOV)
  • Calculate Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Plan your deployment – this is a tool that allows you to talk through your plant and determine what windows you require at what locations, and optionally photograph that location for later review

Online Field Of View (FOV) Calculator

Have questions about what you will be able to “see” through your IR window? Or maybe you are trying to decide what size windows you will need to cover your target area.

The IRISS FOV Calculator is specifically designed so you can determine your Field of View or Window Sizes based on the geometry of your cabinet and your camera’s capabilities.

The application will ask you a few quick questions, and will answer many that you have probably been asking yourself. Give it a try!

Need help? View our guide to using the IRISS FOV Calculator here.

>> Launch the FOV Calculator now.

Online Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator

“I know that IR windows would be a great addition to our program, but I can’t get it past the bean counters.” If this sounds familiar, try talking the language that management talks… the language of “money.”

This ROI calculator will allow you to enter your programs figures for labor and costs to generate a professional report showing how infrared windows will save your facility money. Many times the economic benefits pay for the windows and installation in the FIRST or SECOND inspection cycle!

So after you tell management all about the benefits of improved safety, standards compliance, efficiency and systematic data collection, you can show them how you can help them do the one thing they love most – saving money.

>> Download the ROI Calculator now.