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IRISS Infrared Window Installation Services

D&S Electrical Technologies is an experienced electrical contracting services company offering a unique, state-of-the-art, patented, polymer based IR (infrared) window technology from IRISS. This advanced polymer design provides additional benefits over traditional crystal IR window configurations including…

  • IRISS polymer IR windows last a lifetime vs traditional crystal IR windows’ limited lifespans
  • IRISS polymer IR windows can be configured to almost any shape and size (standard rectangular up to 24 inches wide) vs up to 4 inch round shape only for crystal IR windows
  • IRISS polymer IR windows have additional safety features not available with crystal IR windows

The experts at D&S provide cutting-edge IRISS Infrared Window sales, installation, and thermography inspection services. We can help you…

  • Evaluate your need for IR windows
  • Select the optimum IR window type and configuration
  • Determine the optimum number and size of IR windows needed
  • Decide where best to place the IR windows
  • Comply with the latest NFPA 70E, PPE, OSHA, etc. regulations and recommendations
  • Accurately install all required IRISS infrared windows
  • Perform periodic thermography inspection services

IR window inspections can effectively improve a business’s bottom line by…

  • Improving safety by decreasing accident rates
  • Lowering maintenance expenses
  • Reducing inspection man-hours by eliminating the need to remove electrical panel covers
  • Minimizing or eliminating manufacturing down-time
  • Reducing the cost of insurance

IRISS IR window applications include…

  • 480v – 72kV switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Breakers
  • Fuses
  • Interrupters

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