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It’s Time Your Infrared Window Fitted Your Needs and Applications

When Thomas Edison needed a light source other than a candle, he invented electricity. When clients needed an arch shaped window instead of a round one, IRISS built it and D & S Electrical Technologies installs it. We understand that not every application is suitable for a standard IR window. With us, your ideas are brought to life. We can custom design and make virtually any size and any shape of IR window to fit your needs.

IRISS is the only global infrared (IR) window manufacturer with solutions for unique applications. Custom Solutions from D & S Electrical Technologies and IRISS ensure that your IR window meets your needs and applications.

The patented IRISS reinforced optic is flexible and can be manufactured in an infinite number of shapes and sizes. This allows the IR industry safe access to energized targets previously considered impossible.

Direct temperature measurement is now available on those unique applications without the increased risk associated with removing covers or guards.

Consult with your D & S Electrical Technologies representative to design a custom solution that will protect your personnel, critical equipment and processes.

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